For over 15 years, ROBCO painting has transformed Residential and Commercial properties with professional painting services in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. We are a family owned business; operated by Robert Rodriguez, Jr. and wife, Erica Rodriguez. Our family team includes Robert Sr., brothers, uncles and cousins. We have great expertise and information about the industry to help guide clients toward the paint colors and techniques needed to complete their projects. We treat every client and project like family, transforming residential homes and commercial properties with the latest trends in paint color and adding our artistic touch for an overall stunning look. There’s nothing too small or too big that we can’t handle. Aside from quality work, we are also time and cost friendly. Request a free quote to get your project going.



Our Mission Statement

Here at ROBCO Painting our Family values reflect in our services provided to our clients. We are committed to delivering the best painting and finishing services possible. We also value our client’s satisfaction and will always go above and beyond to make sure they are impressed with our high level of care, concern, and craftsmanship.

Meet the Owners

Robert and Erica Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez, Jr. and his wife Erica are both “Austinites” who work collectively as a team in their family-owned painting business. In their spare time, they enjoy exploring restaurants, traveling, and spending time with their three children. Robert Rodriguez started painting with his father as a young man in Austin, TX. Waking up early on weekends to spend time with his father who diligently taught him the skill craft of their family business. By his early 20's Robert and his wife carried on the family business and went into the industry with ambition to become a great painting service provider as his father taught him. Robert has been entrusted with the Austin community for over 15 years now, providing exceptional service in residential and commercial painting services.

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